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Chrysanthemum Exhibitions Held Across Ningbo
Source:  | 2021-11-08 13:54:47

  On November 2, the 2^nd Chrysanthemum Exhibition officially opened at the Ningbo Academician Park.

  The chrysanthemums in full bloom were a riot of colors. Many citizens flocked to the Park to admire the flowers, take photos, and enjoy the fine autumn weather.

  The chrysanthemum is one of the ten most beloved flowers in China; since ancient times, it has symbolized good fortune and longevity. This year's exhibition covers an area of 32,000 m^2, the largest in recent years. 30,000 chrysanthemums of more than 100 varieties were arranged in eight installations alongside a charity bazaar.

  The innovative combination of traditional Chinese floral installations and charity activities allows everyone to take part in the pleasure of giving back to society while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

  In Zhenhai district, the 34^th Golden Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition was also officially opened, with more than 60,000 pots of chrysanthemums on display at Zhaobao Mountain Scenic Area and in the Ningbo Botanical Garden.

  The Zhenhai Exhibition has been held for 42 years since 1979. Once again, the Zhenhai People's Park is full of fragrant flowers. Near the main entrance, a massive landscape scene has been artistically crafted, with a waterfall and a traditional pagoda, attracting many visitors.

  In addition to highlighting the culture and traditions associated with the chrysanthemum, the Zhenhai Exhibition is also an opportunity for gardening enthusiasts to share cultivation and bonsai techniques. Visitors gathered near the floral installations and flower beds, eagerly taking photos and exchanging gardening tips.

  "When I was a child, my parents took me to see the chrysanthemum show every year. Although I don't live in Zhenhai now, I never miss the annual chrysanthemum exhibition," said Mr. Dong, a citizen who brought his family to Zhaobao Mountain to appreciate the floral scenery.

  In the Ningbo Botanical Garden, twelve kinds of rare Chinese and foreign chrysanthemums are on display, arranged in flower figures and backdrops that resemble mythological characters, folk tale scenes, and adorable animals, transforming the Garden into a romantic, magical botanical kingdom.

  The Zhenhai exhibition will conclude on November 27^th.

  By Dong Na